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100 to 120 persons standing cocktail or buffet.

Outdoor patio casual sit down 43 persons.

Indoor casual seating up to 62 persons.

Discover Your Perfect Event Venue at Chatterbox

Nestled along the picturesque Islets promenade in Buggiba, Chatterbox has earned its reputation as a beloved dining destination, cherished by both tourists and locals. Our establishment proudly offers a diverse array of culinary experiences tailored to a wide spectrum of tastes, alongside versatile spaces designed to accommodate an array of event setups, whether you’re planning a lively cocktail gathering, a sophisticated sit-down dinner, or a heartwarming family-style celebration.

Recognized as one of Buggiba’s top five dining destinations, Chatterbox welcomes guests to enjoy the best of both indoor and outdoor settings when hosting their events. In total, our venue can comfortably accommodate between 100 to 120 individuals for standing cocktail parties or buffets.

For those seeking an alfresco experience, our outdoor patio adorned with a vibrant mural wall provides seating for up to 43 guests, perfect for casual sit-down affairs. Meanwhile, our indoor main dining room, featuring live tandoors and an impressive bar, offers a warm and inviting space with casual seating for up to 62 people.

At Chatterbox, we ensure that your events are nothing short of memorable, set against the backdrop of our stunning Islets promenade location. Whether you’re planning an intimate gathering or a larger-scale celebration, our flexible spaces and culinary expertise are at your service to make your event a resounding success.